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TPT’s Commitment to MN Veterans

Twin Cities PBS is uniquely experienced in its ability to bring Veteran stories to life and to a significant audience. The entire team at TPT is deeply committed to informing Minnesotans about the true nature of war for service members, families, and Veterans. Through long-standing partnerships with the Minnesota National Guard and the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs, TPT has dedicated its talents and TPT staff has risked their lives to document and share stories from the home front to the battlefield. This had been done in service to educating and informing a statewide audience of viewers about issues affecting our state’s military and veterans’ community – about the sacrifices our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and families have made when the nation has called for their support.

TPT – Twin Cities PBS has showcased real stories that captured the life stories of our military members and their missions, but also of the spouses, children, and other family members who have shared in the sacrifice of military service. The programs that TPT – Twin Cities PBS has broadcasted represent a sampling of more than 25,000 individual statewide military deployments.Whether the stories are past or present, near or far, TPT actively partners with our Military and Veteran communities to inform Minnesotans about the nature of war and life after war.

Our latest work featuring members of Minnesota’s Team Red, White, and Blue chapter. Across the country, they help close the gap between veterans and civilians. Connections and relationships are formed by its 100,000 members everyday. The Twin Cities chapter is just one of the organization’s chapters.

Learn how members Dru, a veteran, and Emily, a civilian, utilize the organized events as a way to make connections and stay healthy.